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We aim high and display safety driven tree felling techniques in Ormskirk

We’re all about service authenticity and perfect fixing. Tree felling is nothing but beautifully driven techniques to make your garden or landscape look fresh and overpowering. We’re masters of technical prowess when it comes to uproot big giant looking trees. We do it step by step.
Inventorying the best rated equipment and human resource, we carry an in depth craft of varied tree felling techniques that are tailored when put to use. We see cutting and uprooting as a niche art that is science-driven. This is how we calculate the spaces to be used, plan the particular technique to be executed, and appoint our men in the right place.

Tree felling cannot be attained carelessly and without precision. Extreme care is a mandatory demonstration in every tree felling operation we undertake and execute until perfection in Ormskirk. By getting the details of the total number of trees present in your area, the type of felling required, and the looping measures to be involved, our small team of surveyors first visit your service area and take a free stock of the situation. On the final day, they come ready with their equipment, geared in uniform, and proceed with the process.

We operate widely across diverse customer domains. There is no other company out there like us that employs the best thoughts and plans to give your garden the appeal it needs. Extensively networked and planned, we cater to the different needs of real estate developers, building projects, natural disaster hit areas, and home grown gardens.

Every project that we take up and work on has a specific way of execution. We charge efficiently, feasibly, and preserve the best interests of our customers.

We help garden breeders in preserving their spaces with a neat and clean setting of pruned trees, builders by getting all tree stumps removed with efficient stump grinders, and home owners by looping trees with clinical processes to get them the desired shape – airy, slim, etc.

Our processes are fast paced and generously met to the customer’s standards. A lot has changed since we have started with our tree pruning techniques in Ormskirk. No two methods are the same for us and we tailor each pruning operation with the best-suited measures.

Our special services include:
● Crown reduction and shaping
● Crown thinning
● Crown cleaning
● Crown raising

These terminologies might be a little technical for your understanding but we can help you in being aware of the same.

Crown reduction and shaping

What do you want us to do when your home grown tree is densely grown with branches? We send in our best men and employ a scientific and logical approach towards achieving tree felling that caters to curtailing the overall crown of the tree while preserving the size and shape intact.

Crown thinning

When it’s too warm and you need fresh air circulation, what do you do with your thick leafy trees? Retrenching the branches to allow light and air flow through the trees is what needs to be done. The process is referred to as crown thinning.

Crown cleaning

Don’t you desire to see your garden fresh with trees full of life? Removing the dead and diseased branches and ensuring complete cleaning of the tree helps and this process is called crown cleaning.

Crown raising
At last, no one desires to walk past the roads, lanes, or their homes with leafy outgrowth of trees that cause distress to public convenience. Crown raising helps us in such cases. It is the process of lowering tree branches that are cut out to enhance public convenience and safety

Call us at 01704 821 239 and seek our assistance today!